Web Project

Our Web design and development project is made up of five (5) key stages as mentioned bellow:

1. Requirements

This is where we gather information and content from you to build your Web site. Think of it as developing a blueprint before you buy materials or the old construction adage, “measure twice, and cut once.”

2. Pre-Build

Before we set out to build anything, we document requirements and solicit your approval.

3. Build

Now that we‟ve finalized the plans, we build. Should be a pretty solid draft at the end of this stage.

4. Review and Comment

The initial build is complete, time for your review and comment. Based on the pre-build work, we expect this to be minor with few adjustments needed.

5. Test and Finish

We incorporate any changes requested in the Review and Comment stage, run the site through a battery of tests, and validate functionality before considering the Website complete. Note, if you‟ve provided personalized content or paid for content development, we will implement that as well.

We‟ll dig deeper into each step below, and hope to answer any of your questions below. If you have more, please do not hesitate to speak with your Client Coordinator.